Monday, May 3, 2010

Babylon Pro 8.0.6.(r5) Full Version

Babylon is a dictionary application software and powerful language translator. To get translations and dictionary result with Babylon, you just use the mouse to select or type in a combination of keyboard and click on the text you wish to translate. Babylon will open and display the translated sentence or the definition of the text you selected.

Babylon 8 has a full translation of web pages, documents (MS Word, PDF, Text, etc.) and the paragraph text, and from 31 languages, with just one click. Babylon is a conversion utility that has variety and number of units and convert these values into different currencies, units of measurement or time zone. Babylon also provides audio voice and phonetic symbols to help users hear and pronounce correctly. Babylon also had the help of writing, such as cross-translation, conjugations and direct paste, to help users who are not skilled in English and write in English.

Babylon provides a brief definition for each of the recommendations provided in the spelling of Micrsoft Office.

Babylon's new exciting features:

* Easy to install in just download and run
* Easy to use - works with just one mouse click
* Translations are from 75 Languages
* Translation for Web Page - NEW!
* Translating the full document (Word, PDF, Text) - NEW!
* In built like the spelling of Microsoft Office - NEW!
* Established from the pack Dictionary of Famous - Britannica, Oxford, Langenscheidt, Wikipedia, and more.

Babylon 8 preserve and interpret the language more fully and easily, translate full web pages and translate the document as well as integration with Microsoft Office spelling.

* Translation website
* Babylon 8 has a full translation of the website.
* Babylon will remember the website you visit and offers a full translation of the website with any language you choose.
* Babylon will automatically offer translation services for the website you're visiting for selecting your preferred language.
* Document Translation

Translation of the text is easy to use Babylon 8. Babylon 8 allows you to translate any documents from your PC. Now you easily select the documents (MS Word, PDF, text files, etc.) and translate it using Babylon 8 and from 31 languages have been selected, all of it is just a click away.

System Requirements

* Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
* Web Browser: MS Internet Explorer 6 and up.
* Macromedia Flash Player already installed on your PC
* 128MB RAM is not recommended.
* 50MB free disk space on your hard drive. Installing the dictionary requires additional disk space (dictionary size varies).


1. After Download, extract and run the install with the selected Babylon8_setup
2. Finish install, double click to make a full version ZWT.bof
3. Done and I hope you enjoy Babylon Pro 8.0.6



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