Sunday, November 7, 2010

Boost up your windows startup!

How long your computer takes to boot? Is your computer takes only a minute to run?
If you are a Windows XP, Vista and 7, I am sure you are not concerned about this. There are some users that their computer is slow and let alone without take any action to optimize the boot time.

This software is called Anti Soluto frustration. How soluto work? you can see this video:

How to use it fairly easily, you can follow this step:

1. Download Soluto HERE
2. Soluto Install the software and wait until finished.
3. Run soluto soluto and then will analyze the results of the analysis and give them to you.
(This process requires you to restart your computer after you install soluto and should have internet because soluto analysis should be sent to their servers.)
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It is quite easy because of your work will be assisted by other free software.

I think you all will not face problems because soluto software interface is very simple and you'll understand. Here I explain a little what you should do after getting the analysis of soluto.

After soluto analysis results, you may choose to follow their recommendation of whether to PAUSE (stop the service during the boot and start it manually) or Delay (stop the service from the boot and run when the computer is idle) or the Boot In (run the application in process boot the computer).

You choose the best for your own use. Very easy to use and certainly after the boot process you faster than the original.

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Chris said...

Nice post. Mine is sooo slooow. I'll try this for sure. Thank you for sharing.
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Dominic said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for posting these helpful tips, I'll definitely be perusing some information from here.

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